You’ve finally finished writing that lengthy dissertation or research journal. But the work is still not over because now comes the task of editing, refining and correcting your writing. Editing can be just as time consuming as the writing itself and this where editing services can help.

What are editing services?

Did you know that your academic work could be marked down due to incorrect spelling and poor grammar? Sometimes, trying to meet multiple deadlines and keep up with all of your classes can mean editing is less of a priority.

Simply finishing the assignment can feel like a success but the editing is just as important. Editing of your academic work could be the difference between a 2:1 and a 1st grade so it should not be a step that is missed.

An editing service is a company or person that is hired to complete the editing process. This is a form of outsourcing in order to complete a task as part of your academic, personal, or business writing. Editors can typically assist with any type of writing such as dissertations, blog articles, sales copy or research papers.

editing services

These services can include the following:

  • Proofreading to improve the quality and academic level of your work
  • Editing to check for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and correct language
  • Editing and refining to reduce the word count

And these are only a few ways in which an editing service can help you! So, how do editing services work?

How do editing services work?

  1. Firstly, you send a copy of the work or piece or writing that needs editing or proofreading. Along with this you will usually explain the aim or goal for the piece of writing so that the editor understands what needs to be conveyed. You will also explain what you require to be edited and improved.
  2. Next, the writer will get to work on your order. Their expertise and your requirements will guide them throughout the service.
  3. Finally, the completed piece is usually delivered to you by email for you to check over and ensure you are happy with the editing service that has been done.

Experienced academic writers can offer many benefits and improvements to your work that you might not even have thought about before. A simple service like proofreading could lead to further suggestions and edits for improvement.

How can editing services help you?

There are many editing service providers available that you can outsource your editing to. However, choosing the right company can be dependent on the type of editing you require and the subject area you work is in. Here are some ways an editing service can help you…

Additional expertise

Perhaps you need more sources to back up your claims or think the work needs more professional language? An expert in your subject area can do just that. Academic editors are experienced in their field and well versed in new research and studies being published that could support your work. In addition, they are able to use correct terms in your academic writing to it reads more professionally and is accurate.

Address tutor comments

Editing can be a process used to finalise your academic writing. However, it will also be required after you receive feedback from tutors or supervisors. Sometimes, the number of comments can be overwhelming and difficult to implement. This is where an editing service can help and address all of your tutor’s comments. Improving and amending your work ready for your final submission.

Proofreading your whole work

Proofreading is a simpler task compared to editing that is more in-depth and extensive. Whereas proofreading focuses on the overall writing of the work including: grammar, readability, tone, and formatting. A proofreading service will typically be the final touches that your work needs to be complete and ready for submission. This service could also help the writer find areas that need to be edited or changed that they could suggest to you.

Re-editing service

Maybe you have already edited the work yourself but parts seem difficult to read? Or you’ve received your edited work but feel it needs further work before submission? A re-editing service could be exactly what you need. Here, you request the writer to proofread the work or add more edits to the work they have completed. Once they are familiar with your work, they will be more likely to understand what you need and how to convey your message more effectively in your academic writing

Final thoughts on editing services

Ultimately, editing services and writers can offer many benefits to improving your academic work. From thorough editing and addressing feedback to reviewing and proofreading your work. These services can be the difference between a mid-grade and a high grade.

Consider hiring one of our editors to help take your dissertation or assignment to the next level.