Online proofreading services can be a great solution if you have already completed a significant amount of work on your assignment. In this case, a full re-write (or completing the same work from scratch) is unnecessary; all you need is for a dedicated writer to go over your work fixing typos, improving the cohesiveness of the referencing system and making sure that the assignment conforms to the standards of academic writing.

The popularity of proofreading services raises the question of what exactly goes into the pricing of such work. We have prepared a breakdown of what a proofreading service actually entails and how much this work could cost.

Going Beyond the Typos

The best proofreading services should go beyond the standard stuff (e.g., simply fixing the typos). A solid piece of academic reads well in addition to including valid and relevant content. This means that any proofreading service worth their salt should make sure that your arguments are cohesive, your signposting is on point and your discussion flows seamlessly from one paragraph to another.

You might argue that, in some cases, such extensive changes are unnecessary. After all, if you are confident in your academic writing skills, there should be no need for any changes to the structure of your paper or certain paragraphs. However, practice shows that, once a piece of work is complete, it becomes extremely difficult to spot your own mistakes. Giving your paper to someone who will see it for the first time ensures that your assignment will impress your tutor.

Learning Something New

If you have been writing academic assignments for a while, chances are, you have a certain set of favourite phrases, words or signposting techniques that you like to use whenever the going gets tough. Because of this, it could be extremely difficult to do any meaningful proofreading after writing a lengthy essay or a report. When reading a text that you have just written minutes ago, it is easy to turn on the ‘skim mode’ and, subsequently, fail to notice how your style could let you down.

For example, the words such as “however”, “nonetheless” and “nevertheless” are typically used to signpost critiques and oppositions. However, few students follow these words with meaningful criticisms of the theories that they have been discussing throughout the assignment. A good proofreading service can, therefore, serve as a great source of learning. By watching how a trained writer modifies your style to be more academic and concise, you will be sure to pick up new means of signposting, new academic constructions or new techniques for structuring paragraphs.

How Much Is It All Worth?

As we have discussed above, proofreading is a service that ultimately goes beyond simply fixing the typos and, instead, is a great tool for ensuring that your assignments always get the results you need. This is why relying on free proofreading services is a sure way to get yourself in trouble. Sure, the prospect of getting your work improved without any additional costs sounds appealing. However, there are no guarantees that a free proofreading service would produce the same results as a service that you have paid for.

In some cases, the scope of proofreading also goes well beyond fixing certain phrases and paragraphs. For example, if your work does not conform to the word count limits established by your tutor, the proofreader would need to remove certain sub-sections or paragraphs without harming the structure of the work or its contents.

You may also request proofreading services as a result of getting unsatisfactory feedback after submitting an assignment draft. In this situation, the proofreader would not only need to perform a ‘standard’ do-over fixing typos and removing redundancies but would also be required to address specific feedback from your supervisor. Such feedback may range from being very small in scope (e.g., removing certain references) to something that may require significant re-writes. In such a case, relying on free proofreading services could be actively detrimental to the quality of the final work.

Final Note

Overall, proofreading is just like any other service that requires the work of someone highly professional. When requesting proofreading to be done on your work, you want to be confident in the result. Producing high-quality work is something that simply cannot be guaranteed when relying on free proofreading. Sure, such services can save you in a pinch if all you need is to remove some typos. However, professional quality work is ultimately worth every penny.