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Why proofreading is important

Before submitting your academic paper for a review, there is one essential final step, which is proofreading. The importance of proofreading and its contribution to the overall quality of your work are hard to overestimate. However, after spending so much time working on their assignment or dissertation, many students tend to skip this critical step. Some students don’t have enough time to properly review the final draft to ensure consistency and accuracy in spelling, grammar, formatting, and punctuation. Others just don’t consider it to play a crucial role in the assessment of their work.


Regardless of the reason why students overlook proofreading, sending out a piece of academic writing that is incomplete, has poor grammar, or typos will not make a positive impression on the professor who will most likely question your academic ability. Not taking the time to proofread your paper will inevitably translate into a lower mark, which is another reason why proofreading is important.

Our writers

Our team consists of professional academic editors who have expertise in your area of research. All our editors are the English language experts with considerable experience in proofreading academic papers from a range of fields and branches of management, business, marketing, and social sciences. They are more than prepared to meet all your requirements.

How we help with proofreading

If you need assistance with proofreading and editing services that help you succeed, we can cover your back. We are here to ensure your paper meets the academic standards of your university, with flawless academic English, perfect formatting, and precise referencing. We have a team of professional academic editors with considerable experience in the academic review process. Each of them undergoes a rigorous training process on a regular basis to make sure they catch all the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and style you might miss in your writing.


Our editors will completely revise your paper for clarity, tone, word choice, and concision. We will also ensure that your work is formatted in accordance with all prescribed guidelines. By offering proofreading services from us, you get a final polish with identifying the correction of linguistic and spelling errors and inaccuracies in the use of academic language.

What you get with each order

We provide a range of benefits to our clients, including the following:

  • We will thoroughly read through your work to find and correct all language errors and typos.
  • Our professional editors will improve the clarity and sentence structure of your paper.
  • We will make sure your work is formatted in accordance with the guidelines and standards of your university.
  • We will ensure that your academic paper perfectly adheres to the required referencing system, be it Harvard, APA, OSCOLA, or any other referencing style.
  • All the changes introduced by our editors will be tracked so you can see what specifically has been modified.
  • We can check your academic paper for plagiarism if you want.
  • You will be provided with detailed feedback on how to further refine your work.

All orders are covered by the following Guarantees:

  • All the text written by our editors is 100% unique and plagiarism free.
  • We always deliver your order on time, if not earlier.
  • Our professional academic editors fully address each and every requirement from you.
  • We provide 100% confidential services. Your personal information will never be disclosed or shared with anyone.

Why use our services

With a finely edited paper, you have more chances to attain your academic goals. We will view your paper with a fresh eye to identify and correct even the most microscopic yet paramount errors that are quite natural with the level of your involvement in research.


Our professional editors will carefully proofread your work and correct any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. We will also ensure your paper has well-formatted and accurate citations and references so it could achieve the academic standards of your university. We offer high-quality proofreading services tailored to your specific requirements.

How to place your order

If you want to place an order, you need to complete an order form on our website. You will be able to select from several options featuring secondary services, such as citation style guides, content editing, and more. This information will help you specify what you are looking for.


Once your order has been paid, we will review your work and attached documents to understand your requirements. Afterwards, you will be matched with one of our professional academic editors who will proofread your paper and make required corrections. We will send your paper back by the deadline you have specified, if not earlier. If you have any questions about our services once you have received the completed work from us, we offer a 7-day alterations period completely free of charge.

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