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Our team of professional academic writers and editors are always creating resources to help students with their University work. On this page, you can find a range of free resources to aid with editing and proofreading. From tips, service recommendations, to practical advice on using tools such as tracked changes in Microsoft word. You can also see examples of our editing service, by clicking on the button below.

Editing and Proofreading Tips

What is Included in Proofreading?


Outsourcing proofreading to a trained writer can be a great solution if you need to give your academic works some extra “oomph”. Many students can produce high-quality well-written essays and reports; however, it can become extremely difficult to meet academic quality standards when faced with looming deadlines or other pressures of everyday student life. That is why online proofreading services can be incredibly valuable to all who are involved with regularly writing academic work. However,…

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How Much Is A Good Proofreading Service?

edit and proofread

Online proofreading services can be a great solution if you have already completed a significant amount of work on your assignment. In this case, a full re-write (or completing the same work from scratch) is unnecessary; all you need is for a dedicated writer to go over your work fixing typos, improving the cohesiveness of the referencing system and making sure that the assignment conforms to the standards of academic writing. The popularity of proofreading…

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How to Write a Dissertation Plan

plan a dissertation

Writing a dissertation is probably the most important task you will need to accomplish in your academic career as a student. Make no mistake – it is a complex, time-consuming academic project that requires from you a clear sense of direction, as well as highly developed management, organising, and monitoring skills. That is why good planning becomes of crucial importance when it comes to writing a high-quality dissertation. Having a clear and detailed plan not…

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How Long Does It Take to Write a Dissertation?

writing a dissertation

A dissertation is a type of academic research, which permits students to undertake their own study and present their discoveries. Most graduates would argue that writing a dissertation is the highest point, the culmination of any higher education programme and they would be right. This task is also most challenging and complex in students’ academic careers, which requires a high degree of perseverance and dedication. However, many students, especially those enrolled in a Master’s or…

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What are editing services?

editing services

You’ve finally finished writing that lengthy dissertation or research journal. But the work is still not over because now comes the task of editing, refining and correcting your writing. Editing can be just as time consuming as the writing itself and this where editing services can help. What are editing services? Did you know that your academic work could be marked down due to incorrect spelling and poor grammar? Sometimes, trying to meet multiple deadlines…

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Writing a Dissertation in Two Weeks

writing a dissertation

Let’s face it, there is nothing more motivating than an impending deadline. The threat of missing a submission date could turn even the biggest procrastinator into a diligent student. But what if the project that you are supposed to submit by a specific date is just too huge? Does writing a dissertation become ‘mission impossible’? Well, no. If you do things right, producing a well-researched piece of academic writing in a very short amount of…

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How to avoid PhD writers block

writers block

Are you struggling to keep writing or keep getting stuck whilst writing your PhD thesis? The pressure can build up during this time when you’re trying to meet deadlines and complete such a large amount of work to a high standard. We’ve got the top tips to avoid PhD writer’s block when you most need it. Start writing anything Sometimes writer’s block can occur when you feel that there is too much or too little…

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Top proofreading tips when writing an essay

proofreading an essay

Have you finally finished your essay but you’re not sure how to start the editing and proofreading process? We’ve got the best proofreading tips when writing an essay for you to use right now. Ensuring your work is cohesive, spelled correctly and written well. 1. Wait a day Proofreading your work after you have just written it isn’t typically the most productive way to proofread and can lead to skimming instead of reading. Often, you…

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5 Features of a Great Editing or Proofreading Service

proofreading an assignment

The areas where professional proofreading and editing services can come in handy include: Dissertations; Journal articles; Essays and assignments; Research projects. Your needs are simple. You want to find the best quality for your price and be 100% certain that you will receive your order in time. However, choosing the right person for the job may be difficult. There are a lot of companies out there promising to be ‘the best’. Below are 5 features…

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10 Proofreading Tips for Your Dissertation

proofreading university work

A dissertation is an apex of your university studies, which is why it is of utmost importance to avoid any mistakes, no matter how small they are. Quality proofreading and editing is key to getting the best results. However, few students can organise this activity in the most productive and efficient manner. As a professional provider of academic editing services, we have compiled a list of our top 10 proofreading tips. Our Top Proofreading Tips…

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