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Completing a dissertation is the most important project in your academic career. It is also one of the most challenging and demanding tasks you will ever complete. Although students spend a lot of time and effort on this task, not always the hard work you have put into the dissertation satisfies your tutor’s expectations.


While the tutor might seem as if they are deeply criticising your paper, most comments they leave may just simply ask you to clarify why you have selected a certain approach to follow. Others comments may not be as straightforward and easy to address since they require certain changes to the structure of your thesis, its methodology, or conceptual framework.

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Addressing your tutor's comments and feedback

How we can help with addressing tutor comments

Having completed a draft, it is quite natural that students expect positive feedback from the supervisor. That is why they may feel frustrated and demotivated when they get a plethora of comments and suggestions from the tutor on how to improve their work. If you don’t feel like you can handle these comments yourself, get us involved.


Our editors have considerable experience in writing and editing dissertations of all complexity levels, so they are more than qualified to help you in addressing the tutor’s comments. They will read through your thesis with the comments in mind to understand and the tutor’s intent. Then, they will address the comments keeping in mind how these changes will affect the dissertation overall. They will rewrite certain sections or chapters, eliminate irrelevant parts, add more criticism and empirical evidence, further elaborate on certain ideas, and/or develop your argument, depending on the nature and requirements of the comments provided.

Our writers will make sure the whole dissertation is in keeping with what has been changed and adjust its certain parts and aspects so you don’t have to spend your time on this task.

How we help with editing

Sometimes your supervisor may not be available to check your work and provide valuable feedback. Or maybe you want to submit the final version of your thesis but not sure whether it is up to the standard of your university in terms of academic tone and content. We can help you with that.


Our team of professional editors will revise your dissertation and give you constructive suggestions about the content of your thesis, giving close attention to the issues of improving the overall readability of your writing and improving the accuracy of language and flow. They will be looking for consistency and clarity in your thoughts and arguments. If needed, we can handle the time-consuming task of formatting your reference list and citations to the style required by your university.

Reasons for using our services

Our services have been designed to provide students with high-quality support from professional writers and editors in their selected field. By offering editing and tutor comments services from us, you not only get professional help in improving the quality of your dissertation and making it in keeping with the supervisor’s expectations. You also avoid some of the most nerve-wracking aspects of this process, namely to understand the tutor’s points and revise and edit your own work in the way that fully addresses their comments.

What you get with each order

  • An edited document with suggestions and changes to help improve the clarity, structure, flow, and readability of their academic writing.
  • Tracked revisions of all the changes so they can see what has been modified.
  • Citations and references formatted to the referencing style guide of their choice (optional).


You also get the following guarantees:

  • All the text written by our professional writers is 100% plagiarism-free.
  • We always deliver your work on time, if not earlier.
  • We fully address each and every comment by your supervisor.
  • 100% confidentiality. We will never disclose or share your personal details with anyone.

Our writers

All our writers and editors have many years of experience in working within the Education industry and writing and checking academic papers. They are experts in many fields, from marketing and management to business and nursing, so they are more than capable and qualified to edit your work and address your supervisor’s comments.


How to place your order

To get help from us, you need to place your order by completing a form on our website. This form will require you to clarify the type of service you want to order, dissertation topic and field, and other parameters that will help us provide you with the most suitable editor. Afterwards, one of our experts will be assigned to work on your thesis and give you the help needed. They will revise your thesis and read through the tutor’s comments to interpret the given feedback and understand their intent.

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